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Pleasant Hill Church of God works diligently to meet the ever-changing needs of the communities in which we live as well as communities around the world.


Pleasant Hill Church of God Missions seeks to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,..." (Matthew 28:19).

We seek to be a gateway of information and support between those whom God calls to minister around the world and those whom God calls to sponsor these ministries. We support and develop an international perspective, in fulfilling the mission of the Church of God, and ensure the sponsorship of ministries that meet the needs of persons of different cultural settings. Our work includes opportunities for leadership experience, and opening channels for new ideas.


Pleasant Hill Church of God Missions exists to exalt Jesus Christ through evangelism, church planting, leadership development and other ministries of compassion.



Robert H. Glover defines Christian missions as "the proclamation of the Gospel to the unconverted everywhere according to the command of Christ."

The Scriptural purpose of the involvement of the Pleasant Hill Church of God in missions is:

  • To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ (Matt. 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, Luke 24:17, John 20:21).
  • To share Christ's love for the world (Luke 10:2, Matt 9:36-38, Matt. 18:10-14).
  • To minister to the totality of human need (Matt. 25:31-46, Luke 16:9, Luke 16:19-31, Luke 10:2).
  • To bring men and women to the knowledge of God and to His redeeming grace (John 3:16, Rom. 10: 13-15).
  • To obey Christ by confessing Him to the world (Matt. 10:32-33, Matt. 25:41-46).

Our purpose is to help (1) unchurched or nominal Christians to become committed disciples of Christ, and (2) non-Christian people to become Christians. For this reason we send missionaries to preach the Gospel of Christ, to proclaim the Gospel to their own people and to other nations, to help relieve people who are suffering, and to develop mature disciples for the Kingdom of God.


We have been involved in many projects over the years, and we invite you to learn by example how you can help your community together with Pleasant Hill Church of God.

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